Linux Book Review

I recently attended my very first Linux Users Group meeting through an awesome site called Meetup. Let me tell you it was so much fun!

During the meetup we were able to play for prizes by rolling a special gaming dice. Eventually based on my dice number value I got to go up and pick my choice of the prizes that were from O'Reilly Media. Among the books that were there (along with some cool shirts) I picked this one book that I knew would prove very useful to me now and later on. This book right here:

Linux Pocket Guide Book

This Linux Pocket Guide book provides a great day-to-day reference for everyday Linux commands, both simple and very advanced which is extremely useful. If you need to look up a specific command quickly this book makes it very easy to do so. All commands are listed with their syntax and a brief explanation of what they do and how the command is usually used.

Since there are so many things within Linux it's nearly impossible to remember every single command from the top of your head. This book comes very handy to have around when you can't remember a specific command or what it does. I'll definitely be using this book for a very long time. I'm super thrilled I won it!

Since I won this amazing book and attended my first LUG meeting (Linux Users Group) you know what that means...It's time for the Woohoo Dance!

The Office Dance in Elevator